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I've taken your advice. Started weight training with more machine weights. Started off on sissy squats, progressed to very low weights on leg work, problems in the beginning which I expected but over the worse now. Thank you for your input as always."

J.R. Wellingborough, Northants.  


"Hi Dave,

Just to let you know I completed my triathlon today. I followed your training plan twice as I had a bike crash in training and just tried to get my swim right. So... I finished fourth overall and won my age category, I was 36 seconds off the winning time for my distance. Massive thank you for your help and advice!"

T.P. Burton Latimer, Northants.


"Hi David

just a short message to say thanks for the advice about my (injury). I took part in the session last night but warmed up for 20 mins and lots of stretching. After the class no pain, and still pain free today. Thank you."

D.D.  Rothwell, Northants


"Hi Dave

fabulous news ... After an uncomfortable day leg wise yesterday. Today is the best it's been in months !!! 😃😃🎉🎉

I can walk properly without any pulling. I did a gentle gym session stretched & took it very easy this morning expecting it to seize up any minute ! LOL 😖. But it's feeling great !! 😃Also changed to my running trainers with the orthotics in . It's a HUGE relief to me that we're finally getting somewhere... Thank you SO much for your patience & persistence with me ! 😜 I also have full movement in my neck  today  too ! 😃😃😃 I will continue with my ankle exercises. See you in a couple of weeks. You're a star 🌟!!

Many thanks  😃x"

S.B.  East Hunsbury, Northants.


"A year ago I put on my first Tri Suit , and after Running 532.41 km , Cycling 2243.84 km and Swimming 84.37km I have ended the season with an amazing 4 podiums . I would like to thank all my friends and family who have cheered me on, and a big thank you to Dave Brown my coach and therapist as I would never have done this without your help."

A.G. Kettering, Northants


"Hi David,

........glad to say I managed to run the whole race (1/2 marathon) and finished in 2hrs and 5 mins. Everything hurts but I am ok. Thanks for all your help."

C.B.  Kettering, Northants



you will be pleased to hear that all your hard work paid off, and I finished Ironman france in 12:34:12, with no pain at all! Enjoyed every minute of it, especially my first marathon in 4:25. Legs were a bit stiff for a few days but in the Alps now, walking and relaxing, thanks again..."

I.B.   Wellingborough, Northants


"Hi Dave,  

just a note to say thanks for the massage earlier in the week - the calf has been just about spot on ever since....ran 7 miles on Wednesday and 14 this morning and no pain!!  I'd definitely like to book some time next week if possible........"

M.F.  North Kilworth, Leics


"Hi Dave

I have got a very nice present for my birthday today, "no pain". Fantastic, so going to potter about the garden, the Sun's out, great!"

J.W.  Wellingborough, Northants



......evenning up my legs has made a huge difference to me - I no longer have back pain or hip pain. You were the first person to diagnose the problem and not just keep treating the symptoms. Thank you so much......

P.S.  Market Harborough, Leics


"To Dave,

Thanks for help making it my most successful season yet! Best wishes for the future."

Drewe Broughton,  professional footballer



I did a 3 mile run with no pain, touch wood. You're a star, just wanted to say thanks."                                                  

 R.S.  Weldon, Northants


I would like to say thank you for helping me on Tuesday in Wellingborough on my left knee, it has improved my movement in it already, and i am walking better as well.

I will see you on Tuesday at 4pm in Wellingborough.

Many Thanks"  

K.H.  Wellingborough, Northants


"Hi Dave

I thought you may like to know how my back/hip is after your treatment. As you said it would take a few days to settle down and you were right although my ankle stopped hurting almost straight away. I managed to do a whole hour dancing friday afternoon which I haven't been able to do for a month. Yesterday, I spent 11 hours in London walking from one art gallery to another and although I stopped for a few breaks, I worked it out that I had been on my feet for 8 hours. It is still more painful to go up stairs but I have noticed that I am walking more evenly. I still have discomfort in my hip and knee, but find I can manage without the pain killers. Am doing the excercises you gave me so hopefully in a week or two I will be back to normal. So a big thank you.

Best Regards"

G.R. Burton Latimer, Northants


"Hi Dave,......

Just a quick note to say that the deep stretch is doing wonders for the knee. I'm driving to and from .........each day with barely a twinge......Cheers,"

R.P.   Rothwell, Northants


A few of the comments made by clients after  receiving treatment.


just to let you know my knee felt much better the next day! Rested till the Monday and then ran....and swam....the following day. Feels a little tight at times but nothing like it was........


J.C. Little Stanion, Northants.


"Hi, I just wanted to let you know I ran the Cheddar Gorge trail run today, and my hip was fine! Thank you so much for helping me, and for the advice. It was amazing, but so hard on the ankles so I'm very pleased you told me the exercises standing on one leg! I was second lady in my wave - waiting for full results to see where I was overall! Thanks again David"

J.S. Kettering, Northants.


"Thank you for my appointment yesterday it has proved to be invaluable in understanding my condition. My doctor was most impressed by your analysis and treatment and agreed 100% with it ! He has immediately referred me for an MRI scan and the other nerve examination. Any further treatment would be appreciated if you could fit me in  over the next couple of weeks. My yoga teacher was also presented with my 'sick note'...but she already knew how good you are !!"

R.K.  Stanion, Northants.


"Hi David

Thank you for your help and advice on Tuesday. I felt very comfortable with you and my ankle definitely feels a easier already– although about 30mins of unavoidable walking yesterday was enough to make it quite painful and swollen again.

I am really keen to do something physical and have dragged my bike out of the shed..........  

.....don’t want to sit around for longer than necessary!

I thought all the extra bits of information and advice during the session were all really useful and will take them forward.....

.....I think I will need to think carefully about my gait when I’m on my feet again.


Thanks again – I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is in need."

H.C. Weldon, Northants.


Hi Dave,

I meant to do this last weekend, came to see you twice with a foot/ankle injury back in February and March, you also gave me some tips over the phone. My foot was still swelling up after a day at work 3 weeks before the event but I kept ice bathing and massaging and was slowly able to increase the miles! (To be honest at that stage I didn't even think I would be able to start it but I did!)

It was an amazing day and I loved every minute of it, even when I was petrified of scaling some of the heights!

So thank you for your help and I thought I would just let you know that we completed it.


A S. Burton Latimer, Northants.


"Dear Dave

Apologies for not letting you know how I got on on Sunday. It was fun, conditions were perfect. First 40 miles I felt a little sluggish but got into a rhythm and the last 61 went well. I finished in 7h45 (not a fast time but I was very happy) and the great thing is that

1. I was not tired the next day

2. I had no pain in my knees or legs

3. I had energy

I definitely think the work you did on my legs on the Tuesday made all the difference. I shall become a regular client."

F.B.  Uppingham, Rutland


"He finished last night at 8.30, nearly 12 hours of walking but did it. 10 islands, 166 miles in 6 days. Thanks for all your advice.

A. & A. M.  Kettering, Northants


"Hi David

Hope all is well. Just wanted to thank you for helping my back spasm last week. I really didn’t think id be able to run a half marathon but after a session with you the pain eased considerably and with the advice and stretches you gave all came good for Sunday. I would never have said that on Wednesday!

I completed the run in 2:04hrs which was brilliant for me and especially as I was right at the back and had to weave and constantly stop for people in the way. Straight line pace would have been closer to 1:45hr.

Kind regards"

C.B. Kettering, Northants


"Dear Dave

I thought I would drop you a quick note to let you know how I got on in the marathon. I finished the race in 4hrs 5mins and ran every step of the way. It was a great day out, the crowds were fantastic. I loved every minute of it. Next year I'll try not to pick up any injuries and aim for 3hrs 30mins!

Thanks for all your help over the weeks."                                              

R.S.  Rushden, Northants



Just to let you know that my calf feels good after your treatment.  Rested from running for 5 days then walked / jogged - and while I'm still a bit hesitant to put real stress through it, I do feel much better.

Not sure what you did - but whatever it was, so far it seems to have worked.

I'll have no hesitation about recommending you to others"

A.B.    Market Harborough, Leics


"Hi Dave,

Thanks for the treatment yesterday. Obviously its well overdue. My foot is actually moving better than it has done in ages/years. Hip not sticking today whilst working. Stretching as I write this !! see you next week."  

H.S.   Yardley Hastings, Northants


Just thought I'd let you know my neck feels a lot better this morning, if a little sore! I'm going to see the Doc for a referral on Monday, so will hopefully be booking another treatment in the near future. Thanks very much"

 K.H.   Northampton


"Dear Dave

It wasn't until I was waiting at the lights last night that I realised how late it was and how long you had spent on my shoulder.

Thank you very much, I do appreciate it.

I'm feeling a bit achy today but certainly much better than I was. See you soon".

M.D.  Corby, Northants



"Just to let you know what a great job you did on my back last Thursday, been work all week with no problems, many thanks from J".

J.B. Barton Seagrave, Northants.


"Hi Dave,

thank you for yesterday, I feel so much better! the headache has subsided today and I feel great!"

T.S.  Higham Ferrers, Northants.


"Dear David,

I returned from my travels last week, and am pleased to report that my feet were fine.

I attach a photo of me on the penultimate day of a 6 day trek over some very rough and slippy ground with steep climbs and drops from 2000 m to 4300.

The right foot caused me no discomfort at all and the weakness in the left foot/ankle for which I first sought your help, gave me no trouble. True, I took some steps down quite carefully, but all your work, and the strengthening exercises, proved their worth.

I've no doubt I will need to come back to you for something, sometime, but meanwhile - many thanks.

If you wish to use any of the above, and/or photo in your publicity you have my permission.

Thanks again,"

C.A.  Corby, Northants.



"Hi David

I apologise, I should have let you know how I progressed after you last treated me (early May).

I managed the Halstead Marathon despite sunstroke and jog/walking from

17 miles onwards, still finished under 4 hours!

That manipulation you did on my hips worked wonders and I haven't had any pain from them since - wish I'd mentioned it and visited before.........  

.........Thanks for your treatments, worth every penny."

K.W.  Corby, Northants.


"Hi Dave,

I've been meaning to drop you a line for ages now just to say that after following the routine you suggested a few months ago I'm up and running again, to the point of completing a half marathon yesterday! (1hr51).

Many thanks"

M.D.  Duston, Northants


"Hi Dave,

Thought I would let you know how I got on with my injection/pain test with Professor........... yesterday.

Well you guessed it, he confirmed I have an impingement and also the tear, it was very strange not being able to do something without pain and then miraculously doing it no problem after the anaesthetic injection................

...........I know I keep repeating myself but I dont know where I would be now if I had not had the good fortune to come along and see you.

I am looking forward to being able to swim again!

kind regards"

C.M. Market Harborough, Leics.



Thanks for seeing me on Tuesday afternoon. My knee was sore the following day as you mentioned. I did a 10km run on Thursday with considerably less pain, and today my knee is noticeably better.Thanks,"

R.R.    Isham, Northants


"Hi Dave,  

I came to see you last year following a crushing tackle playing rugby which left me in a lot of pain in my back and ribs. One visit to you sorted me out - fantastic therapeutic massage and now I know where to go when it happens (and it will again) this season......

.......Can you please email me back some times that you are available preferably in the evenings next week or so?"  

S.M.    Kettering, Northants


 "Dave ,

 As you can see I am fighting fit and back playing rugby. I cannot thank you enough for the hard work, commitment and understanding you showed when you treated me.You have played a pivotal and important role in my success at playing competetive rugby league at the age of 41"  

D. A.   Yaxley, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire 


"Dear David,

Following the treatment I received from you last Thursday, I just wanted to let you know that my calves and shins feel a great deal better. I have been for my first run today ( Saturday ) with almost no aches or

pains at all, both during and after the run.

I will be in touch soon, to arrange another session in early May."

T.A.  Rothwell, Northants


"Hi David,

Thanks for the session on Friday. Bit sore Saturday but no pain! Swam my 1 mile Dambuster in 28 mins which was better than I thought (first time in open water and only third mile swim in 35 years!). Cycled 33 miles afterwards (gently) to stretch out and ran 8 today. Still good – no sciatica and can actually lengthen stride as well without any backlash. Will take it carefully now for a couple of weeks and get in touch for a repeat session. Anyway, thanks a lot and appreciate the help."                          

M.H.    Manton, Rutland  


"Dave - thought you'd like to know I have now recovered from my trapped nerve. I came off painkillers two weeks ago, am playing golf again without ill-effects, and enjoyed my holiday in America.

Many thanks for your help.

Kind regards"

T.B. Northampton



what would we do without you!....You're a complete star! Thank you so much for everything."

L., R., & H. T.  Chelveston, Northants

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" I see Dave regularly to relieve my very tight muscles. Over the years he has managed to identify and sort out a number of niggles as well as keeping me headache free - something I suffered from for years before discovering David Brown Sports Therapy.

On one of these visits I made a chance remark about how painful my wrists had become - nothing was to be done. I was upset to think I'd have to put up with this pain for the rest of my life. How wrong was I?

David asked me to perform a number of different arm positions, tested ranges and movements, and questioned me thoroughly. He then explained what he thought the problem was and treated me accordingly. Lo and behold - 2 days later I had completely forgotten about this awful pain that I had suffered day and night for nearly a year. I was pain free in my wrists for the first time in a very long time.

I can't thank you enough Dave - your treatments always achieve amazing results, but this was above and beyond for me - it did actually change my life.  I can't recommend Dave highly enough for his thoroughness, professionalism, advice, friendliness, and most importantly, results".

A.T. Northampton


"Hi Dave,

quick message to let you know my back is completely better (thanks to you). I'm taking it easy, using my core, and stretching...

...Thank you. Can I leave a review somewhere?

E.F. North Kilworth, Leics.