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Fitness Training and Rehab Plus

Fitness Instruction - There are numerous reasons for individuals to seek fitness training advice and support. Not all types of training are appropriate for all training goals or for individuals wishing to undertake a course of exercise.

Initial session - To ensure that the correct type and intensity of training is embarked upon, prior to any training programme being started, information and measurements are recorded which include, general health, medical and injury history, and the individual's motivating factors and outcome expectations.

An appropriate method of measuring baseline fitness levels is then used to provide a start point against which to monitor progress towards the stated goals.

Induction session - After this has been completed a programme will be developed and discussed with the individual and then exercise induction and correct technique is covered for each exercise, allowing for modifications if required. Once the participant demonstrates correct technique and shows an understanding of the programme, they have the option to pursue their training with further one-to-one sessions, train by themself (with phone/online support if required), or a mixture of each.

Programme review - At the end of the alloted training schedule period, the participant is encouraged to review their fitness levels by retaking the tests used during the initial session and to revise their training programmes accordingly on a regular basis to sustain their improvements.



Rehab Plus - Often when an injury is sustained during a sporting or workplace activity , the cause of those injuries all too regularly can be identified as a result of such things as poor technique whilst exercising, overtraining, overuse, inappropriate techniques, poor levels of flexibility, poor posture, gait problems, etc. Very often it is a combination of such issues.

Once an injury has been treated and the symptoms have subsided allowing exercise to resume, if corrective training for the cause(s) of the original injury has not been addressed the symptoms may quickly return or further injury occur.

Rehab Plus training may initially take the format of simple verbal or printed advice during the treatment stage, progressing to brief demonstration and subject participation sessions, or full training sessions can be booked, as appropriate, to address the identified specific training requirements.



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