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David Brown Sports Therapy Practice has been established since 2002 and provides high quality professional sports therapy, sports and remedial massage, coaching, fitness instruction and training for sporting and non-sporting individuals. Based in the Kettering area, we regularly welcome clients from all areas of Northants, Bedfordshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Warwickshire, and even some that travel regularly from Essex, Devon and Hampshire.


Available treatments

There are a variety of  treatments available for you to choose from which can help rectify your soft tissue problems, that may have resulted from injury, overuse, or postural habits caused by sporting and workplace activities.

These include:

•      Sports Therapy

•      Sports and Remedial massage

•      Electrotherapies including SCENAR


Treatment Protocol

Please note: If you have any concerns about being treated by a male therapist please feel free to bring a companion with you to any or all apointments. For any client under the age of  18 we would prefer that they be accompanied by a chaperone during their appointments. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this protocol.


































Advanced fitness instruction and 1-2-1 coaching

In addition to treatment you can also receive one-to-one training to provide continuity of care beyond the treatment room, and to progress your rehabilitation beyond 'activities of daily living'. Or if you prefer, to improve your general fitness and sports performance.



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We can provide injury assessments and injury rehabilitation management, and by using advanced soft-tissue techniques, sports & remedial massage, electrotherapies, and corrective fitness and flexibility training, you can be confident that you are literally in very good hands when it comes to resolving your sports injuries, muscle imbalances, backaches, strains and sprains and aches and pains.


To assist you with your return to fitness, to achieve a fitness-related goal, or to prepare for a specific event or the season ahead, we also offer bespoke coaching and fitness training services. For more information on these services please click HERE


On this site you will find further information about each of the services on offer, and which we hope you will find helpful, but don't just take it from us...........why not visit our testimonials page and read what others have said about us.


Please note -

All testimonials shown are genuine and unsolicited from previous and current clients, and with originals held on file.

Sports Massage Benefits

Sports massage and deep tissue massage are terms which are often used interchangeably but really should not.

Sports massage refers not just to a technique which employs many hands-on applications, (e.g, soft tissue release, trigger point release, myofascial release), but also a variety of massage strokes and application depths/pressures (light to deep), and ice and heat therapies, all applied in a specific manner pertinent to the status of the individual athlete and their event.


It is a very specific education on the effects of movement/exercise/sports on the body and how hands-on techniques may aid in injury repair, maintenance and prevention. Sports massage care was developed to improve physical performance. To provide therapeutic impact for the physical and biomechanical needs of the athlete. For injury correction and prevention by assisting the repair, restoration and enhancement of muscle integrity and function. It increases endurance, aiding circulation and improving elasticity and flexibility, as well as providing a psychological boost to the athlete consistent with his or her commitment to peak performance


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Alison Gorton

(Coached by David Brown)

Has achieved 16 podium placings, including 7 wins,

in triathlon, multi-terrain, and road races.


Steve Willis - Ironman UK & Ironman Lanzarote



David Brown Sports Therapy Practice

- Sports Therapist-



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Triathlon and Strength Coaching

Bespoke training programmes for triathlon, strength and conditioning, and specific personal fitness goals are available on request*.


Each programme consists of key elements of general conditioning, sport-specific conditioning and skills, nutrition advice, and more.


If you have an event to train for, or want to push yourself onto the next level with a plan that is constructed around you as an individual, and not some generic 'one size fits all' which may well be inappropriate for your current level or goals, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

*please note - Limited places available

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David Brown is a CNHC registered Therapist


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